Health Requirements


Vaccination Protocol / Requirements for Dog (s) and Cat(s) admission to the kennels.

For the safety of your pets we require that all animals boarded with us are inoculated as per the guidelines by the South African Veterinary Council:

Basic vaccination programme for dogs

  • First vaccination at 8-9 weeks
  • Second vaccination at 11 – 12 weeks, includes the first rabies vaccination
  • Re-vaccinate at 14-16 weeks, includes the second rabies vaccination
  • Re-vaccinate at one year of age
  • Re-vaccinate every 3 years, including rabies

Basic vaccination programme for cats

  • First vaccination at 8 weeks of age
  • Second vaccination at 12 weeks, includes rabies vaccination
  • Re-vaccinate at 16 weeks in environments with high infection pressure or in breeding catteries. If not applicable, only give the second rabies vaccination.
  • Re-vaccinate at one year of age
  • Repeat every 3 years, including rabies

MEMBURY KENNELS does NOT require the KENNEL COUGH  vaccine.

Since annual inoculations are not necessary we stress the importance of an annual Health check.  This check facilitates the early detection of heart disease, renal disease and tumors and is an ideal opportunity to remind owners about parasite control, discuss management of skin disease, neutering and the like.

  • PLEASE NOTE:   We will not accept pets who have been inoculated less than 3 weeks  PRIOR to arrival at the kennels.

Please bring your Vaccination Record book  along.

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