Terms and Conditions

Conditions under which animals (“pets”) are accepted for boarding at

Membury Kennels and Cattery (“Membury”)

  1. The owner agrees by his/her signature, or that of their representative (who warrants that s/he is duly authorised), on the face of this document to all the conditions set out below and further warrants that:
  2. All details given on the admission form are true and accurate;
    Inoculation certificates are accurate, valid and pertinent;
    The animals admitted are fit and free from any infectious disease and have not been exposed to infectious diseases within 6 weeks of admission;
    Full disclosure has been made of habits, traits, characteristics, and/ailments peculiar to the pet, and that the pet is free from vice.
  3. While  all reasonable precautions are taken in the care of all animals boarded at Membury it is distinctly understood that no liability is accepted for any death, loss, injury or illness due to escape, accident, infection or any other cause whatsoever suffered by any boarder in our care.  This indemnity shall apply regardless of whether any such death, loss, injury or illness may be due to any neglect or action of any of our staff.
  4. In the event of the death of any animal in our care, a veterinary opinion as to the cause of death will be sought.  This will be at the expense of the owner.
  5. No responsibility  is accepted for  any articles such as collars, leads, containers and bedding left at the kennels.
  6. Veterinary treatment, deworming, tick & flea treatment, bathing and grooming will be administered if deemed necessary.  These items will be charged for as will transport to and from the vet or other facility, and payment is due on collection of the animal.
  7. No animal may be removed from the premises until the account has been settled in full.   Please note that the non-clerical staff are not permitted to release any animals to anybody.
  8. Both the day of arrival and the day of departure are charged for.
  9. ABANDONMENT: Any pet not collected within 10 days of the “Date Out” will be regarded as having been abandoned by the owner, and will be disposed as of as seen fit by the management of Membury Kennels. The same will apply to any long term boarder whose monthly bill is not paid within 7 days of the due date. The owner of the pet will remain liable for the full account, plus any costs involved in disposal.

    Special conditions applying to bookings for holiday seasons.

  1. The minimum charge in season is 7 days (long weekends 3 days).
  2. Bookings will always be charged in full even if boarding commences later than the booked “Date in” or ends earlier than the booked “Date out”.
  3. Days beyond planned return will be charged at DOUBLE the normal rate unless arrangements are made and agreed with Membury.
  4. The full anticipated boarding fee must be paid in advance. Other charges must be settled when the animal is collected.

These conditions are intended to ensure that your pet enjoys a safe and secure stay with us.   We will do all we can to help you enjoy peace of mind while away.

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